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Supporting New Music for Cello Students


To expand cello student repertoire with the commission of new pedagogical concert works and etudes representing diverse musical styles and cultural backgrounds.

Cello Teaching Repertoire Consortium exists to support the creation of new music for cello students by expert string players, to organize masterclasses connecting perfomer-composers with teachers and students, and connect cello students to a living tradition of contemporary music that helps them to grow as cellists and musicians.

CTRC aims to support creating intermediate- to early advanced-level teaching pieces that help students to build core techniques of perpetual motion, lyrical playing, thumb position, shifting, vibrato, double stops, and advanced bowing patterns. Rather than introducing new, unidiomatic challenges, or primarily challenges of interpretation, these works will challenge students to master their instruments with core instrumental techniques in diverse musical styles. The commissioned pieces will be written by composers with advanced knowledge of cello technique and appropriate pedagogical sequencing in order to create works that can supplement or replace historical pedagogical stand-by pieces, and give students and teachers fresh compositions they can share in recitals and at contests.



This year we are commissioning Daijana Wallace to write one 5-7 minute concert etude for cello targeting Suzuki Book 4 level.


March 1-July 16: Commissioning partner drive 

July 1: Draft piece delivered to CTRC leaders for editing period

July 1-July 15: Students and professionals preview the pieces for editing and pedagogical effectiveness

August 1-September 30: Premiere Period

October 1: Post-Premiere Period

Daijana Wallace

CTRC 2024 Commissioned Composer

Daijana Wallace is a composer and educator based in Wichita, KS. Her music is an outward reflection of her own introspection, drawing inspiration from any and every thought that crosses her mind from the mundane aspects of daily life to specific memories about a percussive upstairs neighbor. Wallace’s compositions have been heard at venues such as Wichita Art Museum, and MASS MoCA, as well as PASIC and International Society of Basses conferences. Daijana holds Bachelors’ Degrees and a Master’s Degrees from Wichita State University and Michigan State University respectively. When she’s not busy composing, she’s teaching music in the greater Wichita area.

Daijana is pronounced Day-on-a, like spending a day-on-a beach.


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